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Sizeable is an exploration game where the player has to find mysterious pillars by resizing the objects in the world around them! 

Each level in Sizeable is a completely new and unique environment, wich means each level will have its own unique way of exploration and puzzle solving.

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This Demo contains the tutorial and 4 levels! More levels may be added to the demo in the future!

Updated 1 day ago
Published 27 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorSander Ambroos
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsBlender, Cute, Exploration, Low-poly, Unity

Install instructions

1) Download the zip file.
2) Unpack the zip file.
3) Launch the .exe
4) Have fun and thx for playing!


Sizeable_Demo_Windows.rar 122 MB


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Great game, only got stuck on the 3 seasons level for a while because the balls kept rolling off eachother so i started assuming that was not the way to go. Other than that super fun can't wait to see more! 

Thanks! Did it roll when you placed the medium snowball on the big snowball? Or did it roll off when you placed the smallest one on the medium one? Sorry fr the confusing question hahaha


Lovely game; fun to explore. The only part I was stumped was the temple level, until I realized the boxy gold statue was a snake!

I should remake the model for the statue :p Not alot of people realize it is meant to be a snake :D


Having some performance issues and object falling trough the ground or dissapearing with the current demo. Which makes it impossible to beat the level, forcing me to reset multiple times. Good concept though. Nice to see some new game mechanisms out there.

That indeed is a big problem! Thank you for telling me! 

Do you remember where the clipping throught the ground hppend? Or did it happen in every level?

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It happened in every level for me. When ever I moved an object there was about a ~50% chance that the object would just instantly dissapear or fall through the ground when I let it go.

That's really weird! But i think it is because of the performance issue! I'm solving that now!


Tested out the game again after re-installing it. And it runned smoothly now without any performance issues this time. So I think you might be right that the bug could be linked to the performance issue. 

Thanks for letting me know! :D


Very enjoyable little puzzle game. The 'temple' level had me stumped for a while as I didn't realise the pyramid had three levels to it!

Thanks! Was it confusing or weird that you could unlock the final part of the temple allready? Or is it fine to find out by yourself that there are easier levels to the temple? :D

Well, I didn't realise initially that each size of snake totem would open a corresponding level of the pyramid. I was just max sizing it each time before placing it on the plinth.

That reminds me, I encountered a bit of a bug in the middle section of the pyramid. I had a one of the stone snakes clip through another briefly (collision checks) but then after that the ball did not connect with the mouth of the final snake properly. 

I recorded this in a YouTube video I made of my play through.

Jump to 15m 25s to see it.

Thanks for linking me the video! Seeing people play the game is the best kind of feedback! This shows me that i have a lot of bug fixes to do! :D


Well, I hope I haven't created too much additional work for you! 😜

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No worries! It was very helpfull! :D I'll put your video up on my twitter! thanks!

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Oh no! Did you literally just now remove it?

It should be back up now! :D I removed it because i found a pretty big bug! :D


Ah, thank you!


Played your game, loved it much!
Clean, smart and fun. 
Also, there is one bug i've found: When you press R while mouse buttons are pressed, you couldn't press them when level reloaded. You could possibly just renew them when level starting.
Good luck with your project! 

Thanks for letting me know! :D


Love it. Thank you.

Thank you! :D


It's a great idea and I really like the graphics , I hope you finish the game. Good luck for the future

Thank you! :D

Amazing concept. I just finished watching alphabeta gamer play this and I really like the idea and the style is cute. If I was going to give any critisism it'd be the text at the beginning. I'm going to copy and paste a comment I left on the video:

Considering the game tells you about its mechanics in the opening title I think it'd be a lot more satisfying to let the player use that knowledge to naturally figure out what to do instead of dialogue that tells us nothing we couldn't figure out by experimenting. It's not that complicated and trail and error is better than having to skip over like ten bits of dialogue muttering 'yeah I get it'

But above all I'd love to see this made into a full game. The potential for interesting mechanics is very interesting! When changing the size of the sun changed the environment I was like 'oh this is good'

I will change the tutorial text in the future! Wasn’t really happy about it myself! Thanks for letting me know! :D

I'll echo their thoughts, I personally find it much more satisfying to learn for myself instead of having things explained to me. The main menu already teaches you the controls you'll be using so having it explained to you afterwards feels more like patronizing than teaching.


Alright! Thx for letting me know! Will change that! 😁

Fun game, but found a pretty big bug: You can beat any level with just a single pole by placing it on one of the squares, pressing R to reset and then placing it on the other squares. Resetting with R doesn't seem to disactivate the squares if pressed while they're activated.


That indeed is a pretty big bug! Will fix it! Thanks dor letting me know! :D


Can not run

Do you have a mac? Because i don't have a mac version up yet :o