Update 1.1: Wonders of the World!

Hello everyone,

Wonders of the World is now live! We hope you'll enjoy the new free levels, tortoises and achievements as much as the first time you played Sizeable! We have summed up every added feature and bug fix down below.


  • Added 5 new levels in theme of the Wonders of the World level pack.
  • Each of these levels comes with it's own tortoise to find.
  • Added 2 new achievements.
  • Added Polish as a Language.


  • Changed the sprout model in the Ant's View level to a closed flower.
  • Changed the Golf Tubes so that they don't wiggle when they are at their largest size. This sometimes caused the golf ball to clip through the tube and fall out.
  • Changed the Main Menu to better fit the update.
  •  Fixed some bugs that occured while testing the Wonders of the World Update.
  • Fixed an issue where the hammer in the Northpole level would not snap upright.
  • Fixed an issue where the key would sometimes not collide witht he keyhole in the Halloween level.

This means we have hit our first major goal on the roadmap! The next 2 dots are both  question mark dots, so who knows what will be added in these? More Wonders of the World levels? More secret levels? Or something else? You will find out very VERY soon!

We are currently hard at work to get a MAC and Linux version in your hands aswel! Expect these to go live in a couple days/in a week or 2!

Make sure to join our discord aswel, the wommunity will vote on what the theme of the next level pack should be very soon! https://t.co/QQOobL4gdF?amp=1


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Apr 19, 2021

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