Secret, Bug Fixes, Spoilers & quality of life updates!

Hi everyone,

We hope you all enjoyed Sizeable so far! We are very gratefull for the very positive reviews the game has received so far, but we also heard your need for more content! That's why we are currently hard at work to add some more levels to Sizeable! In this first week of launch we encountered a few bugs that should now be fixed (let us know if you still encounter any of these or any new ones). We also added a new small secret and a new hidden achievement to the game, just to make the wait for the first bigger update feel a little less long! We are also working on bringing the game to MAC and Linux as fast as possible!

Also, because it is #IWOcon on steam, we would like to offer a discount here!


  • Fixed an issue where the catapult rock sometimes doesn't bounce on a market stall.
  • Fixed an issue where some people didn't get certain achievements (unlocking all levels, finding secrets,...).
  • Fixed an issue where the easter eggs on Easter Island couldn't be resized or moved once they were broken.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the camera would get blurry on starting a new level.
  • Fixed an issue where the catapult rock sometimes doesn't bounce on a market stall.


  • Added a new small secret level + achievement (it isn't much, but we want to add some more in the future in between bigger updates).
  • The mouse scrolling can now be toggled between 2 different speed settings (normal or slow).
  • Resizing objects can now also be done with the S & G key (should make the game playable when you don't have a scroll wheel).
  • Added the text "Delete Save" to the button in the options menu to avoid confusion.


And last but not least, we want to show you some WIP screenshots of some of the levels from Wonders of the World! We are working hard to get this update in your hands as quickly as possible! The levels down below are: Gizeh, Tower of Pisa and Stonehenge!

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Mar 26, 2021

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