Sizeable Free Update Roadmap!

Hi everyone! 

Today marks the release of Sizeable! I am very excited to finaly get the game in your hands!

Today also marks the day that the rest of the Business Goose Team (Jonathan & Beau) will join in on creating future free updates for Sizeable! This means that we can finaly share the future plans of the game with everyone. We have a lot planned for Sizeable and are far from done with the game. [b]You can check out the free update roadmap down below![/b] 

[b]The first big free update is: WONDERS OF THE WORLD.[/b] With some secrets sprinkled in between! Wonders of the world will add 7 new levels to the roster of SIzeable! We will be revealing some of the first few of this update next week on our social media, steam page, itch page,...!

I hope you'll enjoy the game as much as I did making it! Thanks for playing Sizeable <3

PS: If there are any issues, let me know!! :D

Make sure to join the discord so you can participate in the future polls for updates:


Sander Ambroos & The Business Goose Team

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