Demo bug fixes!

A new version of the Sizeable Demo has just been uploaded! It doesn't contain any new levels tho, sorry! The reason why is because I don't want people to just steamroll through the final version because they allready new X amount of levels from the demo anyway.

But the update i publushed consists of the following changes and fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs with the snowman not forming properly.
  • Did some optimization to let the game run a bit smoother on older machines (hopefully).
  • Changed some of the UI icons and the main menu.
  • Added 2 new songs from Jamal Green to the soundtrack.
  • De contest in the secret level has finally been taken out.
  • tried to make some parts of the Egypt and Jungle level a bit clearer. 
  • Changed the color of the mouse buttons in the tutorial level to make it a bit clearer for color blind people.
  • Some other small collision bugs have been fixed.

But offcourse, I haven't just been fixing bugs! Work continues on the final release, as always! The new city level has a balloon now!

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May 14, 2020

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This is such a neat concept, well executed and in an appealing style. I actually created an Xpadder profile so I can play it with a controller and it works pretty well. Can't wait for the full version!

Thanks! GLad you liked it! :D