Work on the final version continues!

Hi everyone! 

Because a lot of people follow the game through itch, I decided to post the updates i put up on twitter and facebook here aswel! I am currently hard at work on the final and commercial version of Sizeable! There still is a lot to be done, but work is going smoothly. It is an absolute joy to see how many people like the game and to see all the lovely comments! Thanks again for playing, your making a man very happy!

Here are some screenshots and video's of levels I'm currently working on that will be in the final version of Sizeable.

You can probably hear a new trrack aswel. That's because Jamal Green made 2 more for the Sizebale soundtrack. These may be added to the demo in the future along with some bug fixes!

Here's another screenshot for a level of the final version!

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I have played the demo and liked it very much. Do post dev logs frequently. I am excited to follow your progress :) Cheers mate


Thanks! I will try to do more dev logs in the future! :D

I absolutely loved this game! So relaxing.

Thanks! :D

This game is very well thought out, beautiful and intelligent concept ! very pleasant sound design and music contribute to have a chill out moment :)

Thank you very much! Jamal did a good job with the music indeed! :D


I'll definitely record the final version as well it is really fun and a nice chill game to relax too. Cant wait!

Thanks! :D I'm looking forward to it!

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Yes, thanks for your work. I loved the session I had (it was pretty chill) and gladly give you some money for the final thing! YAY!

Thanks! :D


Really appreciate for this!!!!love the game!!


Thanks! :D