A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, my name is Sander Ambroos and i'm a student in Game-Design at LUCA-School of arts. 

This is a game i made for a school assignment, so note that it's just a demo. It would be awesome if you could give it a go and leave some feedback! Thank you very much for playing.

Befizzled! Is a magical puzzle game where you play as a good wizard who's been captured by an evil wizard. You are thrown into a cage inside his tower! Now you have to find your way out of the tower by completing puzzles and overcoming obstacles! For freedom!

Music by Peter Gundry: https://www.youtube.com/user/23Alchemist23

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading Befizzled!

1) Download the zip file

2) Unzip the zip file

3) Launch the .exe

4) Enjoy!


Befizzled!.rar 24 MB


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Really cool game, the music also fits perfectly!

Thanks! :D


Good game! Hope it'll reach higher grounds!

Goed gedaan Sander!